Although predominantly designed for countermeasure development and evaluation in EW Operational Support Centers, TESS products also support a broad range of other EW applications, including:

  • Training of EW staff in countermeasure principles.
  • EW laboratory research and development for new weapon and/or countermeasure capabilities.
  • Defence research into new countermeasure techniques.
  • Hardware-in-the-loop test and evaluation.
  • Military operational countermeasure development.
  • Real-time interactive radar and EW operator training.

TESS provides a flexible, low-cost and open engagement simulation solution for all of the above.

TESS simulation products, currently in their fourth generation, provide a standardized architecture, including uniform module interfaces across all TESS weapon system engagement product classes.  The modular TESS architecture also provides ease of use for the end-user who may wish to manipulate certain aspects of the simulation to incorporate proprietary or classified algorithms or concepts - in which case TESS may be viewed as an advanced baseline for rigorous closed-loop analysis of those algorithms.