Simulating specific engagements requires the entry of 200 or more different parameter values plus multiple data-point look-up tables for target, flare and/or chaff aspect angle dependent signature profiles. Specific weapon and countermeasure systems are modeled through the user's entry of model configuration specifics and input parameters.

Parameter values are input into TESS simulations through the Relational Database Management system and Graphical User Interface provided with the TESS Master Interface. The Master Interface provides a single interface to:

  • Store and retrieve data files from a database.
  • Input data files into the TESS integrated engagement simulation.
  • Conduct test simulations and record the results.

The input parameter set that describes the threats and countermeasures is based on the definitions and units of measure of the Electronic Warfare Integrated Reprogramming Database (EWIRDB). With parameter definitions based on a standard national EW database—parameter sets describing specific threats—platforms or countermeasures can be imported from a larger national database.

Based on system stability and engineering principles, TESS products also compute default values for some required parameters that may not be readily available in established documentation or databases.