IASMD: Integrated Anti-Ship Missile Defence

An integrated engagement simulation between one or two anti-ship missiles and a ship equipped with both soft-kill and hard-kill weapon systems. The ship’s soft-kill assets include chaff, active decoys (CW noise and pulse repeater) and an on-board jammer. An ESM system provides threat system detection and identification to the threat evaluation and weapon assignment (TEWA) system in the combat information centre (CIC) that in turn controls the ship’s defensive assets. The ship’s hard-kill assets including semi-active anti-missile missiles and a close-in weapons system (CIWS) are managed under control of the CIC system and activated based on user-defined engagement criteria. The on-board jammer includes user selectable jamming techniques and parameters, including range gate pull off, swept amplitude modulation, swept duty cycle, cross-eye, cross-polarization and noise. Both seduction and distraction chaff can be simulated. ECM techniques can be applied individually or in combinations, against the search, acquisition, tracking and home-on-jam modes of the attacking missile seeker. The anti-ship missiles use proportional navigation guidance and include a seeker with search, acquisition, track and home-on-jam modes. The seeker also includes user selectable ECCMs of leading/trailing edge track selection and chaff rejection discrimination. The ship’s semi-active anti-missile missiles use a coherent pulse Doppler target tracking radar, a coherent ICW target illumination radar and a missile with an ICW Doppler homing seeker and a proportional navigation autopilot. The CIWS uses a coherent pulse Doppler fire control radar.