Tactical Technologies Inc. is a global leader in countermeasure development tools and technology. TTI’s offerings include a broad range of modeling and simulation based analytical tools, technology and services related to:

  • Radars and radar guided weapons.

  • Infrared guided weapons.

  • Electronic countermeasures against radar and infrared guided weapons.

TTI was established in 1988 as an independent EW/ECM consulting engineering and support organization. In the 1990’s, TTI started its transformation into a product company using modeling and simulation based technology to develop engagement analysis tools.

TTI produces high fidelity physics-based off-the-shelf software simulation products that simulate the dynamic engagement of various classes of weapon systems against various target platforms with countermeasures.  These simulation products provide invaluable insight into EW phenomena and greatly assist in developing optimum countermeasures and tactics for platform survival.  Survival is measured at weapon end game through the derivation of effectiveness metrics such as missile miss distance and probability of kill.

In October 2014 Leonardo completed its acquisition of Tactical Technologies Inc. Capabilities will continue to be provided under the TTI name and will also be folded into Leonardo MW’s electronic warfare portfolio.


TTI's mission is to provide its customers with innovative, effective and independent solutions related to:

  • Electronic attack / electronic countermeasures.

  • Proven methods and tools for guided weapons system analysis.

  • Countermeasure effectiveness evaluation methodology.

  • System reprogramming and tactics development.

In support of this mission, TTI offers:

  • A comprehensive product line of electronic combat simulators called Tactical Engagement Simulation Software.

  • User Training and ECM Effectiveness Evaluation Methods.

  • Strategic partnership opportunities with select international companies and organizations.