The TESS Sea IR sub-group covers passive infrared guided anti-ship missiles. Within this group there is currently one TESS simulation product:

ASM(IR):  Passive Imaging Infrared Homing Anti-Ship Missile

An integrated engagement simulation between an anti-ship heat-seeking missile and a target ship. As a soft-kill defence, the ship may deploy up to four infrared decoys (two seduction and two distraction decoys).  The seduction decoy can dispense up to six sub-munitions before its final payload to achieve a "walk-off" effect.  The decoy cartridge trajectory can be computed using equations of motion or based on a lookup table profile.

User-defined number of fixed decoy launchers may be positioned anywhere on the ship. The ship features a user-selectable automatic evasive manoeuvre which is triggered at missile seeker turn-on. The missile uses proportional navigation guidance, can be characterized with either a bank or skid-to-turn airframe and includes a dual-band imaging seeker for target detection.  The infrared signature of the ship and the decoys are specified in detail with the TESS IR Profiler included in the product. The propagation environment includes user-enterable IR attenuation characteristics and background, sea and atmospheric radiant intensity signatures.