The TESS Sea RF sub-group covers active radar guided anti-ship missiles. Within this group there is currently one TESS simulation product:

ASM(AR):  Active Radar Guided Anti-Ship Missiles

An integrated engagement simulation between one or two anti-ship missiles with active radar homing and a target ship. The ship can employ active on-board jamming and may deploy up to six passive decoys. Each passive decoy can be chaff, single corner reflector or dual corner reflector. The ship can also deploy two active decoys. Each active decoy can be either suspended or hovering and each has noise, pulse repeater and RGPO jamming capability. The ship’s active jammer allows simulation of cross-eye, cross polarization, swept AM with swept duty cycle, range-gate pull-off (RGPO) and CW noise.

The ship also features a user selectable automatic evasive manoeuvre which is triggered at missile seeker turn-on. The decoy launcher is repositionable, can be fixed or trainable and supports both rocket and mortar launched decoys. The missile uses proportional navigation guidance, can be characterized with either a bank or skid-to-turn airframe and includes a seeker with search, acquisition, track and home-on-jam modes. The missile ECCM’s include: stiff neck and target height, glint and scintillation discrimination. The ship’s electronic countermeasures can be applied, individually or in combinations, against the missile seeker.