ILAPS: Integrated Land Active Protection System

An integrated engagement simulation between a semi-automatic command to line of sight (SACLOS) anti-tank missile, or rocket propelled grenade and a tank equipped with an active protection system with both soft-kill and hard-kill countermeasures. The tank’s soft kill assets include obscurants and an IR “hot-spot” jammer. The tank’s hard-kill asset is a trainable launcher with suitable munitions. Staring radar and infrared arrays on the tank detect and track incoming threats and the fire-control computer assesses the scenario and reacts as appropriate with countermeasures. The threat has both a radar cross section as well as a radiance intensity signature for the radar and IR sensors. ILAPS uses an imaging tracker to imitate the operator and a missile beacon tracker to follow the missile and steer it towards the target. In RPG engagements the guidance is disabled and the RPG must be fired with the appropriate elevation and lead angle. The infrared signature of the tank is specified in detail with the TESS IR Profiler included in the product. Since ILAPS was designed to support active protection system development, there are actually two staring array radar systems (one pulse Doppler and one FMCW), two fire-control computers and two launchers so that the soft-kill and hard-kill countermeasure systems can be developed and tested independently.