About TTI

Tactical Technologies Inc. produces Tactical Engagement Simulation Software for the international Electronic Warfare market. TTI’s COTS simulation products are open, physics-based simulations used in more than thirty EW Operational Support Centers, Air and Maritime Warfare Centers, Intelligence Agencies, Operational Research, and EW Engineering Agencies around the world.

TTI’s Tactical Engagement Simulation Software™ (TESS™) products enable the user to analyze, evaluate, understand and optimize countermeasure effectiveness.

Through its regular and hands-on training courses TTI also supports its clients in the establishment of facilities and infrastructure for developing electronic countermeasures and tactics for use in their national EW integrated reprogramming facilities.

Product Overview

Tactical Engagement Simulation Software (TESS) is a family of integrated engagement simulations that offer powerful and unique analytical capabilities for:

  • Electronic Warfare Operational Support and Integrated Reprogramming Centers.

  • Development of autonomous national countermeasures expertise.

  • Development of effective self-protection tactics and countermeasure programs for improved platform survivability.

  • Test and evaluation of countermeasures in hardware-in-the-loop systems.

  • Training of operators in countermeasures (electronic attack) and counter-countermeasures (electronic protection) tactics.