An integrated engagement simulation in which a stationary pulsed, or pulse Doppler surveillance radar engages a target aircraft employing electronic countermeasures.  The radar possesses a flexible Kalman filter-based Track While Scan algorithm and generates track files.  The model possesses a full DTED file interface to calculate terrain masking effects and generate detailed distributed ground clutter.  The user may observe the engagement with a plan position indicator (PPI) and an A-Scope.  The radar has a wide selection of physics and effects-based ECCMs including CFAR, pulse compression, jitter, frequency hopping, sidelobe blanking, adjustable scope intensity and persistence.  Radar cross sectional data may be defined for target aircraft and passive off-board countermeasures.  The aircraft may perform manoeuvres, deploy countermeasures including chaff, active towed decoys with noise and/or pulse repeater capability, and activate an on-board jammer. The on-board jammer is capable of generating a number of techniques including multiple false range targets, inverse gain jamming, Doppler noise and frequency modulation techniques. Techniques can be applied individually or in user-defined combinations.